Hospitality Kiosk at St. Christopher's
Hospital for Children

Our Hospitality Kiosk extends the comfort and support of the Philadelphia
Ronald McDonald House to families with seriously ill children in
the critical care units of St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.

This program seeks to help families reduce their stress levels and maintain their well-being by meeting some of their basic needs, providing information on resources, and offering fun and relaxing activities for both patients and adults while also helping to reduce families’ financial burdens and increase access to nutritious foods. The program also helps families stay close by their child’s side by having a source of healthy food and beverages as well as activities such as books, magazines, and games available that do not require families to leave the floor or the hospital to purchase.

The kiosk is fully-staffed by Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House volunteers during scheduled daytime and evening hours and is centrally located in the second floor waiting room. The program offers individually packaged snacks, foods, baked goods, and microwaveable meals; coffee/tea; and beverages including water, milk, and juice. The kiosk also includes complimentary toiletries as well as books, magazines, board games, and other activities. In addition, there is a resource area with flyers, brochures, and other items that would be helpful to families.

You can help support this program by volunteering or by donating items to stock the kiosk shelves.  Items we are in need of at this time include:

  • Individually packaged snacks, foods, baked goods, and microwaveable meals
  • Tea bags
  • Whole fruit
  • Prepackaged carrot sticks and apple slices
  • Soups
  • Individually packaged oatmeal and cold cereals
  • Granola bars, and other whole grain products
  • Board games, and other activities
  • Toothpaste

To learn more about volunteering at the Kiosk, please contact Lori-Anne Miller.


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