Collect Tabs

Pull for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House!

How can you help the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House support more than 2,000 families each year? Collecting soda pop tabs is one easy way! It's simple. It's low cost. It's a great way to get involved.

This program at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House began in 1997. That year, we collected 8,417 pounds of tabs. In 2009, we collected 27,979 pounds of tabs. To date, the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House has collected over 200 tons of tabs which translate into more than $165,000 since the program started.

There are no set collection containers. We've seen coffee cans, pretzel jugs, and milk cartons all used as collection containers for pop tabs. If you stop by the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House to drop off tabs, we would be happy to give you labels for your container to put around your home or workplace.


  • 1 tab = 1 inch
  • 36 tabs = 1 yard
  • 63,360 tabs = 1 mile
  • 1267 tabs = 1 pound
  • 2,534,000 tabs = 1 ton
  • 1 million tabs = 15.78 miles

All collected tabs can be dropped off any day of the week between 9am and 8pm to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House at 3925 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.  If you have questions, please contact Jenny Casey at (215) 387-8406 x:427.


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