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Thinking about volunteering? 

Every day of the year, volunteers help to make our Houses a home for families we serve.  Whether you are a student, a retiree, or a busy professional, there is a way to get involved.  Check out our volunteer profiles to see just what motivates our volunteers to get involved...and stay involved. From making a difference to making new friends, there are as many reasons to start volunteering as there are dedicated volunteers who help.  

Alex Vandergrift

Alex Vandergrift, a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, has been a volunteer at the Chestnut Street House since June of 2013. Alex volunteers every Tuesday evening, and her primary volunteer duty is to help with the Breakfast Buddies Program. She helps set up for breakfast the next day by ensuring that healthy breakfast items...read more

Ryan Gifford-Hollingsworth

Ryan Gifford-Hollingsworth, currently a senior at Drexel University, is a volunteer at our Hospitality Kiosk located in St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. Ryan first learned about the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House his freshman year at Drexel through one of his friends and always wanted to get involved...read more

Eva Wertman

Eager to get involved, soon after her encounter with of a few Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House volunteers who were assisting at Design Home, Eva reached out to the volunteer director to see how she could help. From a front desk volunteer at the Front and Erie House, to a Camp counselor at Ronald McDonald Camp, Eva has helped the House in so many ways since she first started volunteering in 2010... read more

Brian Hamilton

To anyone considering volunteering for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, Brian would say this: “Do it! It’s such a great organization, and the opportunities to volunteer are so versatile. If you want to volunteer every once and a while – there is an opportunity for you, and if you want to volunteer every week – there is an opportunity for you too.”...read more

Tim Ellithorpe

Tim Ellithorpe, a 27 year-old Financial Analyst for Environmental Health Systems and Technologies, has been volunteering his time at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House since April of 2005 and is a member of the growing number of young professionals who are making time to volunteer...read more

Janet Richman

When Janet Richman retired after 35 years with the School District of Philadelphia, she was certain that the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House would be the perfect place for her to spend some of her free time. “I decided that it would be a great place to do some volunteering...read more

Michael Zakroff

Michael Zarkroff’s first experience with the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House was over 15 years ago, when visiting on a school field trip. “I think the Ronald McDonald House is one of the best charities in the world,” Michael responded when asked why he chose to offer his services to the House...read more

Janice Lawinski

In 2008, while the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House was undergoing construction on a second location at Front & Erie in North Philadelphia, Janice Lawinski was waiting in anticipation for the outcome. “I was delivering the mail around the neighborhood and sometimes I would just sit and watch it being built,” Janice says. Janice has been a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Services for over 22 years...read more

Ramone Taylor

Ramone Taylor, a 19 year-old student at Royer-Greaves School for the Blind, first learned of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House while searching the internet for volunteer opportunities. “I just decided that the Ronald McDonald House was a good pick for me,” Ramone says. He wanted to share his talents of playing the piano...read more

Lauren Talman

As a sophomore in college, I still hadn't quite been able to find my "niche." Lost in the shuffle at the University of Pennsylvania, I was searching for some way to make my time in Philadelphia significant. It was with this goal in mind that I first pushed on the green gate at 3925 Chestnut Street two years ago. I have been coming back to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House every week since then...read more

Jo and Chuck Montufar

My husband Chuck and I began to volunteer for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House through our association with Katie's Krusaders. Our daughter was diagnosed with cancer...read more

Stacey Redican

Stacey Redican first learned of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House as a young parent. Just days before Christmas, he and his wife ended up at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia...Stacey Redican

Jayne Milke

When Jayne Milke retired five years ago, she knew she wanted to spend her time giving back. Her first choice was the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. “When I came here, I really didn’t know what I would be doing,” Jayne says, a grandmother of four...Jayne Milke

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