Volunteer Spotlight

Making the Most of Retirement

When Jayne Milke retired five years ago, she knew she wanted to spend her time giving back.   Her first choice was the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.  “When I came here, I really didn’t know what I would be doing,” Jayne says, a grandmother of four who has been married for 48 years.   Not content just to sign up for a Monday morning volunteer shift at the front desk, Jayne wanted to do more. 

Having worked as a full-charge bookkeeper for a property management company, Jayne was a natural fit to assist Sally Courant, our Accounting Manager. Jayne expanded her volunteer shift to a full day on Monday – first checking in families and answering phones at the front desk, and then assisting with accounting duties in the administrative office.  “When I worked, my job was Sally’s job, and I had an assistant,” says Jayne.  “Here, I became the assistant. I really do whatever needs to be done.”  In addition to helping Sally, Jayne also assists Eileen Filipone, our Bookkeeper. 

No matter what Jane is doing at the House, she can tell she is making a difference.  “This is such a wonderful place, and such a big help to families.  I know this because when families check out they are just so, so grateful for this place.  I know that I am doing a good thing, helping out in any capacity."

Volunteering at the House has helped Jayne continue to feel valuable, even after leaving the workforce. It also enables her to continue to put her accounting skills to good use.  “It makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile with my life,” she says.  “It works both ways: yes, I am helping, but volunteering is also helping me to feel like a more valuable person.”

For those who are retired and looking to get involved, Jayne recommends the House.  “If you want to do something with your time, volunteer here.  It is a wonderful way to give back.”   

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