We offer two Family Rooms in The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: one in the Oncology Center and one in the Cardiac Center.

The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House provides comprehensive and compassionate hospitality and support to oncology and cardiac patients' families while they are providing care and support to their child. The Family Room at the Oncology Center provides families with a quiet retreat from the hospital setting, together with a family-style dining table, comfortable seating, kitchen facilities, and a guest bathroom. There is also a laundry room equipped with a washer and dryer, a folding station, detergent and laundry baskets. The room also provides a television/DVD/VCR system. The Family Room at the Cardiac Center provides families with the same amenities available at Oncology with the exception of a laundry room.

Programming periodically takes place in the rooms, including weekly evening dinner buffets by donor Guest Chefs and local restaurants, bi-monthly free haircuts and styling, Yoga instruction, holiday themed programs and meals, and various other donor programming coordinated through the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

Volunteers trained by The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia staff the Family Rooms. The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House Family Room Coordinator oversees and coordinates services, volunteer staffing, supplies, donor support, and programming, working together with the House and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia staff to provide support to families.

To learn more about how you can get involved with the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, contact Karen Kelly-Nickens.

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