Family Stories

Gain inspiration from our families.

Below, you will find stories of families who have stayed at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

Joey's Camp Story

Joey Fantozzi was just like most boys his age - happy, active, and involved in many activities. But everything changed in September 2012...Learn More

The McStay Family Camp Story

Eight-year-old Hannah McStay was always a very active child and loved to play soccer and participate in dance class, then in the spring of 2012...The McStay Family Camp Story

The Willis Family Story

Sara Willis, 14, was enjoying another chorus class at school when she was struck with unexplainable dizziness, blurred vision, and a headache...The Willis Family Story

The Power of Friendship

If you didn’t know otherwise, you would think Joseph Patterson, 10, and Giovanni Cascio, 9, were brothers. Their personalities, interests, and mannerisms are so similar that it is endearing to everyone who meets them at the Front & Erie House...The Power of Friendship

The Schwehm Family Story

Since 1986, Ronald McDonald Camp (RMC) has been a place where children go to reclaim their childhood; where life once undone is perfect again for an entire week. It's a place where children with cancer and their siblings build memories for a lifetime...

A New Beginning-Cheyenne's Story

Nine-year-old Cheyenne was just like most kids her age, enjoying the thrills of childhood, attending elementary school, dreaming of the day when she will become both a chef and a magician, and spending time with her beloved family- until life took an unexpected

Ronald McDonald Camp: The Lipsman Sisters

In July of 2010, when Anna Lipsman was just nine years old, she was diagnosed with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). With little knowledge of this form of cancer, the news terrified the Lipsman family...The Lipsman Sisters

The Penso Family Story

Justin Penso, now age 12, began alerting his parents that something was wrong back when he was in nursery school. Doctors told his parents that his continuous stomach issues were everything from a gluten allergy to an inflamed colon....The Penso Family

The Bekos Family Story

Jeff Bekos speaks with emotion about the day his family's life changed forever. It was July 5, 2013, 7:45 am, at their home in Doylestown, PA. He was in the kitchen with his 13-year old daughter Hailey....The Bekos Family

A Brother's Promise

Abed was standing at the doorway of his house when the first rocket hit. The eleven-year-old, who was living in Northern Syria, ran outside to see what happened. Then the second rocket hit, severely injuring Abed....A Brother's Promise

Sayre Family Story

At first, the doctor thought Jillian was suffering from seasonal allergies. "She never complains and was getting headaches," explains Jodi Sayre, Jillian's mother. As the headaches and then vomiting continued to get worse...The Sayre Family

Maternal Friendship

Most Families come to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House after their child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or born with a serious medical condition. However, for three moms currently at the House, their stories are a little different...Maternal Friendship

Ayana's Story

Ayana started bumping into walls, and her teacher noticed that she wasn’t using her leg muscles as much at school. A trip to the emergency room in their hometown of Irvington, New Jersey revealed that Ayana had hydrocephalus—water on the brain—caused by a brain tumor...The Lipsman Sisters

Giving Back By Making Meals

After spending more than two months at the Front & Erie House in 2010, Tom and Heather Auchenbach knew they wanted to give back in some way. “I think we knew as soon as we stayed here that we wanted to do something,”...The Auchenbach Family

The Gift Of A New Heart

At first, it seemed like Duwayne just had a typical stomach bug. The second grader-a running back on his football team who was usually full of energy- started vomiting an feeling run down. However...The Sheard-Powell Family

Feeling At Home 4,500 Miles From Their Own

When Amie, Abigail, and Cecelia return home to Liberia, they will have more than just their memories of their first trip to the United States. They will have regained the ability to walk.Feeling At Home 4,500 Miles From Their Own

The Bond of Friendship

When Naomi, 5, and Alina, 2, wake up each morning, the first thing they do is ask for each other. “Every single day, the first thing Alina asks is ‘Where’s Naomi?’ Are we going to see her today?,’” says Alina’s mom Liz Bello.. Naomi & Alina's story

The Otto Sunderman Family's Story

When the Otto Sunderman family checked into the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House at Front & Erie in January, the brought with them a very special guest: an eight-month-old puppy named Rhythm. Read More

The Bryan Family's Story

At first, Gary and Michelle Bryan assumed their son David just had a virus. Nearly three years old at the time, the otherwise healthy toddler started to seem a little lethargic. "Everything was absolutely normal," says Gary. "He was running around, talking. All of a sudden we noticed he started getting a little bit tired. He didn't want to talk. Then he started throwing up."...Read More

The Crockett Family's Summer

What does summer mean to you? Enjoying the hot seasonal weather? How about planning vacations to the beach? This year, for the Crockett family, summer meant something quite different – a life changing situation and a seven-week stay at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. The Crockett Family

Teens Living With Cancer

When Rosemary Fabian was visiting her cousin Bianca Cotto, who was receiving treatment for osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer) at St. Christopher's Hospital last May, she never imagined she too would be treated as a cancer patient there just months later...Teens Living With Cancer

The Enberg Family's Journey

When Tammy and Eric Enberg traveled from Minnesota to Ukraine in 2009 to adopt their five-year-old daughter Sophie, they did not imagine that they were starting a journey that would double the size of their family...The Enberg Family

The Osowiecki Family's Story

Christiane Osowiecki did not know what to expect when she arrived at the door of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House 13 years ago...The Osowiecki Family

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