COVID-19 Restrictions

To ensure the health of our community, we are working closely with our partners at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to determine protocols and guidelines for safely accepting new families into the Chestnut St House over the next weeks and months. If we are unable to honor your request to stay at PRMH, we can still work with you and our hotel partners to help you make plans for alternate accommodations.

Please familiarize yourself with the PRMH guidelines and restrictions that current and future guest families must adhere to during their stay.  In the event that we begin accepting new families, understanding these restrictions may help you to determine if staying at PRMH is a good fit for your family at this time.

  • No siblings or visitors are allowed to visit or stay at PRMH
  • Caregivers are limited to two adults who must limit their movement to between the House and the Hospital
  • Caregivers may NOT return home for any reason and then continue to stay at PRMH.  If a caregiver leaves to go home or elsewhere, we consider that individual or family as checked out of PRMH
  • Caregivers may not change during the family stay
  • All caregivers must receive COVID-19 testing prior to being admitted to the House. We will work with hospital social workers in order to determine if your request to stay can be approved at this time and schedule COVID-19 testing through CHOP
  • It is mandatory that all guest families wear face masks when in common areas of the House
  • Daily wellness and temperature checks are required of all guest family members (including children who are outpatient) 
  • All common areas are closed and there are no group activities at this time