We all know that Doug Pederson loves vanilla ice cream. So, to help raise awareness for the House, Dick Vermeil dared Doug to eat his favorite treat,
but with a unique…and pretty gross…topping: ketchup!
(Red and white just like the Show Your Stripes colors)


Help raise awareness and funds for the House by taking on the 
Coaches Challenge and eating a ketchup sundae!

1) Dare someone to take the Coaches Challenge, or do it yourself!
All it takes is some ice cream and ketchup. Sure it’s gross…but it’s for a good cause!

2) Capture it on video. Be as creative as you want.
Please use the following script: 

“Hi, I am [name], and I’m eating a ketchup sundae to help the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. I now dare [insert name] to donate $52 at coacheschallenge.org or eat a ketchup sundae, or both!”

3) Post your video on your favorite social media account…anywhere and everywhere! Make sure to tag @philarmh and use hashtag #coacheschallenge. Please include a link to the webpage where your followers can donate: www.coacheschallenge.org

View videos from other supporters who have taken on the #CoachesChallenge

We will keep posting more videos on here, so check back soon!

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